Jonathan Fox

My first tech job was 28 years ago – a job share with one of my best friends. After school each day we would run the backups for the accounts system of a local printing business. 

Since then, I’ve worked in numerous IT roles for many companies large and small. In 2008, I started my own business helping local small businesses move to the ‘cloud’. We quickly became a Google Apps Partner. We helped small business owners access their emails and files securely from wherever they were, on any device.

There was one problem my team couldn’t solve for our clients though: the inefficiency, the lack of reliability, the insecurity, the inaccessibility, the list goes on, of desktop accounting software. 

It didn’t seem that much had changed since my first tech job back in 1990. Fast forward to 2013 and thanks to an invite from Emma (now my wife) to Xerocon in London, I finally found the answer – it was a lightbulb moment. 

I’ve spent the last 8 years immersed in the Xero ecosystem. There’s been many exciting projects with some amazing people. Highlights have been working with the team at Waypoint in Australia, helping their clients across the UK and the US with inventory management projects. And also helping the award winning Fresh Financials team. I helped them setup an entirely cloud based, secure and robust infrastructure so they can deliver daily bookkeeping for clients across the UK. I am very proud to have helped make life easier for some very happy business owners, their teams, their suppliers and their customers. 

I look forward to continuing to bring the years of experience from Australian operations to the UK but now I have the opportunity to work with a wider range of apps and services. And now I believe the time is right. Business owners are looking for the best tech solutions available in the Xero Ecosystem and I can’t wait to help!

My take on the market

True advisory does not work without daily bookkeeping. The power of the apps is only realised when you use them to capture or analyse real time data.

Xero Partners that have setup their systems to deliver daily bookkeeping really understand what App Advisory really means.

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