Confession time

I’m gutted. I’ve just had my holiday next week to Lanzarote cancelled and also a trip to New Orleans next month. As the news has been unfolding about Coronavirus, I knew this was likely. But I’m still gutted. Emma and I were looking forward to spending time together away from work. And relaxing on a warm beach or by the pool. But life changes and there’ll be another time to go.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can really help people’s businesses and organisations. ( I’ve also been trying to work out how I’m going to keep my business going.)

But I’ve been stuck. I just didn’t know where to start. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with how I can help others best. So I’ve been reflecting…

  • I’ve helped setup really easy backup systems
  • I’ve helped people connect systems together so they can work from anywhere
  • I’ve helped people get faster and more reliable connections to the internet and improve their WiFi
  • Since 2008 I’ve been helping businesses move to G Suite
  • Since 2013 I’ve been helping people save time by integrating apps with Xero
  • I’ve helped organisations become paperless
  • And I’ve helped companies use apps to get paid quicker
  • And I started doing this nearly 30 years ago!

After more reflection I realised that not only have I been helping people use technology to save time. I’ve also been helping businesses and organisations plan for worst case scenarios when it comes to their data and their IT systems. And that’s bloody hard! Because worse case scenarios don’t happen, do they?! And also what do they actually look like. I could not have predicted a global pandemic like this, especially how it is playing out.

So I didn’t sell business continuity or disaster recovery planning. People switched off if I used those words.


I found and learnt all about systems that had business continuity and easy disaster recovery built in. I then talked to people about the other benefits of these systems. Mainly it meant talking about making their lives easier by using systems that didn’t upset them everyday!

Over the years I have learnt that the worst case scenarios can always be limited if you change the way you work and the tools you use. Generally that means moving systems to the cloud so you can access information from anywhere. And it means using systems that you can access from any browser and any mobile device. The main benefits are you can collaborate really easily. You also don’t wake up in the middle of the night panicking about what happens if you can’t get to the office, the office has burnt down, your laptop has been stolen, your systems have a virus or data breach etc etc

I’ve written very little over my career and I’ve always wanted to but never made the time. Maybe the same reason why people have put off creating and testing a business continuity plan – “I’ll do it next month”.

I’m going to write every day and share tips on how to work from home easily, how to use tools and apps to make life easier. If you have any questions, fire them over to me @JonnyFoxability or send here

I don’t know how the next few weeks and months are going to turn out, but if you know anybody that you think I can help, please give them my details 🙂