Do you know a business that wants to get paid faster?

“How do you get most of your new business Jonathan?”

“Mainly from referrals” I replied.

“Do you ask for referrals?” 

“No, hardly ever” I responded. Cue cliché light-bulb moment! 

Very few people know what I actually do. 

“Computer stuff”

“He’s always banging on about how good Xero is, I know that” 

“He’s my go to G Suite Guru”

“Cloud stuff but not sure exactly”

Few people know how I help others

“He can work from anywhere, I think he helps people do that”


“Software stuff?”



Etc, etc.  I don’t like shouting about myself. And because I help in so many different ways, it’s hard sometimes to describe what I do. 

I want to learn how to tell people what I do

But it’s time for my big boy pants. I want to learn how to tell people what I do. I want to teach others that there’s some amazing tech out there that will transform their lives. I want to grow my business. And I want to create jobs.

Now is the time. I can help so many more people. And I believe that lots of us now want to make changes in their businesses and how they work. Life has changed for everyone.

What do I do?

I love helping people get time back in their lives by automating the boring stuff. I help businesses go paperless. And I help businesses get paid faster.

How? By getting all your computer ‘stuff’ to talk to each other. It starts with having accounting software like Xero. This can ‘talk’ to other systems. And the magic happens when all your data just flows between everything. Whether that’s quotes, customer details, management reports, invoices, emails, website orders, etc, etc. All you have to do is choose which apps to setup and then connect them all together. And this is what I do best. I help people with the choosing, the setup and the training.

What are your ‘must have’ apps on your phone?

How many apps have you got on your phone that you couldn’t imagine life without? They’re like invisible digital robots.  Maybe they store and remember your favourite music. Maybe they store all your fitness data. Maybe they keep you connected with friends and family. Maybe they keep an eye on your personal finances. Maybe they help you meditate. You get the idea.

Are you missing a massive trick?

Well. If you’re not using apps in your work life too, then you’re missing a massive trick. There’s an app for almost everything. And these ‘invisible digital robots’ will save you money, save you time and ultimately make your job and your life easier. I promise.

I’ve been helping companies of all sizes use better systems, apps and tech for decades now. And I’ve got a ton of experience. And I’m keen to help.

If your business is using Xero, or thinking of moving to Xero, and you want to know which apps will help you, get in touch. 

If you know someone who’s looking for help, send them to me. I’ll be massively grateful and so will they!

I can really help automate all the boring stuff, go paperless and best of all, help businesses get paid faster!

Schedule a free 15 minute call with me to see how apps can drive your business forward.