Case Study: Driving Value from Apps for Bloom Accounts

The firms that I see doing really well are the ones that offer daily bookkeeping. They have an incredible relationship with their clients because they understand the daily flow of money through their clients businesses.I strongly believe that the power of Xero apps is only realised when you use them to capture or analyse real time data. This makes daily bookkeeping key.

Xero partners getting the most benefits from App Advisory, know exactly what information the business needs. They know where the duplication of effort is happening. They understand where the time is being wasted. And because they’ve implemented Apps in their own business, they have the time and experience to ask the right questions to help their clients explore which apps could automate manual processes.

And a Xero partner who is doing this really well is Bloom Accounts.

Bloom are a Xero silver partner based in London and the West Country. And they’re a fantastic example of a firm that gets it:

  • They’ve fully embraced cloud accounting and want a world where systems talk to each other and where data flows freely.
  • They have a shared vision of systems that talk to each other.
  • And because they offer daily bookkeeping, they have the time to understand where they can help their clients the most.

They’ve engaged Foxability to enable them to provide effective app advice to their clients.

“We immediately knew we were in the right place in terms of technical expertise, commerciality and client skills. This gave us confidence and sufficient knowledge to communicate what could be possible to our client. Having people like Jonathan helps us provide solutions that bonds us even closer to our clients. It’s not just about the numbers”

Peter Timothy – Bloom Accounts

And this from Peter’s perspective from Bloom Accounts is the real benefit of working with the right people. This is what working with an App vendor, partner or advisor should make you feel. It’s your relationship and App Advisory is too important to get wrong:

“The relationship is about collaboration with a like minded professional that shares a vision that digital accounts is just one element of supporting growth oriented entrepreneurs/businesses. We have learned a huge amount in the process. This instils confidence in our team and makes our digital proposition, in collaboration with Foxability, more attractive to our clients.”

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