Case Study: Developing a Strong Working Partnership with Fresh Financials

Some Xero Partners are not just their client’s trusted advisors for finance. When they recommend the right technology for automating time-consuming processes, they can be trusted advisors across the business operations. I love helping Xero Partners learn about the other areas they know they can help.

One of those Xero Partners is the award winning team at Fresh Financials (Ok, yes I’m also married to Emma!). We started collaborating by only recommending solutions to our respective clients, if we are using it ourselves in our businesses. Some people refer to that as “eating our own dogfood”, Emma and I prefer to say “We drink our own champagne!”

Since Xerocon 2013, I have worked very closely with the team at Fresh Financials. We have collaborated on a lot of cloud integration projects, implementing the best technology for our respective clients, and then providing on-going training and support. By offering a world class suite of apps that integrate with Xero, we are able to advise, implement and train businesses with the right cloud solution for their business needs.

“Navigating the enormous unknown world of App Advisory was daunting until we started working with Jonathan. We started with our own internal structure and processes – ensuring we were working the smartest and best way we could – we then started looking at what apps and technology we could recommend to our clients. Having Jonathan by our side made it so easy to understand what was involved in App Advisory. Genius.”  –  Emma Fox  Fresh Financials

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