Google Workspace – How to get support

We are huge supporters of Google Workspace. All of the Google apps increase productivity, heighten document security, and enable collaboration between team members. In fact, we love it so much that we use it internally! 

So you’re looking for support for Google Workspace.

You’ve inherited the admin console from a previous colleague or you set it up when you founded the company. Either way, you need some help and you don’t know where to start. Of course, you’ve Googled the issue but can’t find the answer or don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole! 

If you need help with Google Workspace, the admin of your Google Workspace account will be able to access free support directly from Google.

If you’re experiencing technical issues, make sure you troubleshoot them before contacting Google (as they may ask you to do this as a first step).

  • Can you replicate this issue on another laptop, mobile etc?
  • Is this issue related to the device, the user or the software?
  • Have you checked the current status of Google’s services? There may be an outage. Don’t panic, these outages are very rare and generally always resolved very quickly.

If the issue persists, have your admin user start on your Google Admin console and  click the ?  in the top right > Contact Support > Choose chat, phone, or email. 

Support is included for free in your subscription. The response times are 4-24 hours depending on the urgency of your case. On the Business Standard and Business Plus plan, you can pay to upgrade to Enhanced Support to receive a response within 1-8 hours. If you have the Enterprise subscription, then you will have access to enhanced support, but you can upgrade to Premium support, giving you a faster response time of 15 minutes to 8 hours from technical experts with advanced product knowledge. You will also have access to a named Technical Account Manager once per week.

We are certified Google Workspace experts

Not only do we have a lot of hands-on experience, but we are certified Google Workspace experts. If you’re looking for a more personal service, you’re in the right place.

Text saying Google Cloud Partner

Good news, we can help you! 

The kinds of things we can help with include (but are not limited to): Implementation, reviewing your security, migrating data from other systems, change management training, evaluating & integrating 3rd party apps, reviewing your setup to make it work efficiently for you and ensure you are not overpaying, and ad hoc questions/support.

We have a couple of options in terms of how we can work with you.

  1. Purchase a 45 minute Ask Us Anything session for £115 +VAT
  2. Purchase support from us. These come in blocks of 4 hours, and you can use them anytime in the two years from when you purchase them. Each hour is £115 +VAT

Where we differ is that we will not only tell you the answer (like Google support), but we will test and implement it on your behalf. You may not have the time (or want) to do it yourself! We can also provide training sessions and/or documentation to you and your staff. Plus if we work regularly together and get to know how you work, we can easily spot opportunities for automating time-consuming processes.

If any of the services we provide are of interest to you please get in touch. As Google Cloud Partners we can provide preferential pricing and a fast, professional, and proactive service. Just ask our previous customers.