Google Workspace

Make your move to Google Workspace quick and painless, with a Google Partner in your corner

You are moving to Google workspace, but you don’t feel confident making a big change without expert help

You’re already using Google Workspace but you’re encountering some problems that need fixing

You’ve been referred by a contact who’s already been through the process and is sailing free

We couldn’t do business without it

When you have constant problems with your IT, it costs you time and costs your team their sanity.

  • You want your software to integrate and your systems to talk to each other.
  • You want better collaboration and communication for your team and clients.
  • You want the security of knowing your files are protected, always.

Google Workspace does this all under one roof. We’d love to show you how it can work for you, so you don’t waste any more time.

“Thanks to Foxability’s security audit of our Google set up, we also have peace of mind of knowing G Suite (and our associated cloud apps) are safe and secure. This is really important to us – as it should be to every business

Get to know your Google Partner

I’m a professional Google Workspace fanatic. I’ll admit it, Google is in my blood! For over a decade I have been dedicated to helping businesses benefit from moving to the cloud. I am a certified Google Cloud Partner and IT security specialist. This means I had to sit exams proving my ‘technical mastery’ and demonstrate customer success – not just pay a fee! Find out more about my IT history.

We understand how you work so we can help you work better

We’ll take you through a 90 minute workflow assessment workshop, looking at how your business functions, in order to see what needs changing.

We’ll summarise our findings in a plan and give our recommendation for the next steps necessary to achieve your goals.

How we moved from Office 365 and Dropbox to 100% Google Workspace

Karen Reyburn, owner of PF, a creative agency for accountants, worked with Foxability to move her organisation from Office365 and Dropbox to G Suite.

And here’s the story from her.

  • Work securely from anywhere as you grow your business
  • Move seamlessly over from the outdated software holding you back
  • Walk through the process with a Google Workspace expert

Start small and safe by booking a 15 minute chat to talk about your needs.