Have you recently clicked on a link to a quiz on Facebook?

In the interests of looking out for my family and friends, I’ve jotted down some of my thoughts around these quiz related posts.

My advice is to always think twice before clicking on these types of ‘tests’. Once you click the link, you are connecting to a website outside of Facebook, it could be anywhere in the world and its not always clear who controls it or who is responsible for it being secure.

At best these websites are just clickbait, recording your personal data and potentially selling it to people out of your control, at worst you run the risk of identity theft and/or becoming a victim of other types of scams.

There is a popular quiz being shared at the moment which ‘tests’ whether your brain is right or left side inclined.  The terms of service for the website state they are governed by the laws of The People’s Republic of China ( see screenshot), that should prompt some questions when they are claiming on another page to be a U.S. company.

This is not a ‘test’, the ‘results’ are non-scientific and the best thing that all of us could do is to politely educate our friends, families and colleagues not to click on links to untrusted websites and to be careful what information they share online. This will reduce the risk of them becoming a victim of a future scam.


These articles have some more info about other types of links to look out for on Facebook. As a colleague of mine wisely advises “Be selective, be sensible, stay safe.”

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If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me.