More Google Updates!

Happy Friday one and all! Here’s a couple minutes of Google Workspace updates I think you should know about.

You can now create a new Google Meet video from your browser. 

Just type in and hit enter and you’ll be in a meeting that you can invite people to.

Remember, you can also type,,, and to create all kinds of Google documents in your browser.

Google has released a files tab within Google’s chat rooms. 

If, like us, you use Rooms to communicate with staff or clients, then it’s likely that you’re sharing files with one another there. You can now click the Files tab at the top of the Room screen and search through all shared files there.

Google Chat will automatically suggest 1:1 chat based on your Google Calendar

In Google Chat, you’ll now see suggested 1:1 chats based on current meetings on your Google Calendar. You’ll see the suggested conversation shortcut at the top of the Chat section in Gmail on mobile and web and in Google Chat on mobile. Suggested chats will appear at the top of the Chat section in Gmail on mobile.

Video of Google Chat suggestion

The chat will be visible ten minutes prior to the 1:1 meeting and ten minutes after the meeting ends. This feature makes it easier to share information and files before a meeting begins, let meeting attendees know you’re running late, or share quick follow-ups once a meeting has concluded.

Sign in to RSVP via hyperlinks in Google Calendar email invitations

In order to prevent unauthorized users from responding on your behalf to Google Calendar event invitations, you’ll now be required to be logged in to use any of the RSVP hyperlinks in invite emails. Previously, organizers or anyone with a specific invitee’s invitation copy could respond on behalf of that invitee. Anyone without a Google account won’t be asked to login and can RSVP as normal.

Screenshot of meeting invite

We LOVE Google

We almost can’t keep up with all the new features they’re introducing. You can trust that I’ll be regularly compiling the best new features and posting them here on our blog, so keep an eye out and give us a follow on LinkedIn and Facebook.

All the best!