Perfect timing and cunning plans!

I’ve just finished setting up another happy business with G Suite. It’s fun work, I find it easy to do and the best part, it’s immensely satisfying! One of my favourite TV programs when I was a kid was the A Team. After a successful mission, often fraught with mayhem and craziness, John “Hannibal” Smith, […]

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How can a Xero partner benefit from a Foxability workshop?

VIDEO: How can a Xero partner benefit from a Foxability workshop?

Technology is available to make life easier for your staff and clients – but where do you start? Which apps are best for your business? Which apps should you be recommending to clients? As a Xero partner, you’re already well ahead of many accounting firms BUT this is just the beginning…. Digital Transformation Workshop Create a pathway to truly unlock the benefits of going online This workshop will help you: Create the plan for your firm to become one of the digital pacesetters […]

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Our 4 Step Process

Making a change is no small feat. In the same way that your website is always evolving, the tech you use will always be in beta.But the best way to create change is to understand how everything fits together, so that you can prioritise and make a decision as a team.That’s why we created this […]

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Case Study: Developing a Strong Working Partnership with Fresh Financials

Some Xero Partners are not just their client’s trusted advisors for finance. When they recommend the right technology for automating time-consuming processes, they can be trusted advisors across the business operations. I love helping Xero Partners learn about the other areas they know they can help. One of those Xero Partners is the award winning […]

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