Our 4 Step Process

Making a change is no small feat. In the same way that your website is always evolving, the tech you use will always be in beta.

But the best way to create change is to understand how everything fits together, so that you can prioritise and make a decision as a team.

That’s why we created this four-step mapping process. It’s designed to show you how you can easily change, assess new systems, evaluate new processes and new apps for your firm and your clients. It’s about being a pacesetter, not a firm chasing the shiny objects.

Who this process is for?

Change management isn’t just for one person, or one team – it’s business change. The transformation isn’t just about all things digital, but instead it’s about a new way of working and transforming your entire firm.

What I’ve seen is that if you don’t have everyone working that way, using the same processes and systems, you’re on a path towards things failing. Everything is going to keep changing, and the four-step process has been designed for firms facing these issues:

Gaps in systems

You’re struggling with internal processes, and want them to be more defined and scalable for future growth.

Client apps

You want to find the best apps for your clients, without fear of recommending the wrong tech.

Where to start

With all the tech out there, you don’t know what approach to take, and where to begin on your digital journey.

Internal change

Perhaps there’s resistance from the team – there’s a fear of changing from what’s there and you want to tackle it.

Our Approach

We start by assessing where the business is right now. We ask – why do you want to change? Then we help you define where you want the business to be.

1. Assess

You can’t make a change without identifying where you are now.

Together we’ll assess your current business processes, explore what successful change management looks like for you and identify areas where we can help you.

3. Evaluate

With your goals identified, it’s time to put the plan in place: What will help you get there and who can educate your people on the tech that’s available.

Once we’ve identified the solutions that meet your requirements, we’ll introduce you to app partners and cloud integrators who can do the “heavy lifting”, as well as agree and define an implementation plan for your firm.

2. Define

Once you’ve identified where you’re currently at, the next step is to discuss where you want to be.

This involves discussing future requirements of your business, and defining the top things that would ultimately make the biggest difference.

4. Change

Change is now a fundamental part of your culture, and you’re on a path to a better way of working.

With everything we’ve discussed, we’ll help you move to your new digital workflows, and also identify plans to help you evaluate and review how the new processes are working. We may do this is tandem with one or more app partners that we have identified earlier

How you’ll benefit

When you go through the process, you’ll learn how everything integrates and how change management involves your entire team. The firms we’ve worked have said the benefits of the process include:

  1. Clarity & confidence to communicate what could be possible to their team & clients.
  2. Significantly improved efficiency with their internal workflows.
  3. Accelerate change they’ve been trying to make for years, leading to attracting better clients and new staff.
  4. Transformed client relationships by identifying new opportunities to help them.

Having people like Jonathan helps us provide solutions that bonds us even closer to our clients. It’s not just about the numbers.

–  Peter Timothy, Bloom Accounts

Let’s have a conversation

If you’re serious about making a change, I’d love to hear from you.