Our process

Use tech to fix the frustrating areas in your business

You have a good business, a good team and a world of digital tools at your disposal. With all this at our feet, we ought to be able to find a better way of working.

But finding the right tool takes time. As your business grows and evolves, you can outgrow the technology and systems you use, creating more frustration than ease.

The tech and the systems you use are forever changing as your business grows.

Our 4 step process has been designed to help you find, evaluate and set up the right tech for your business, so your systems operate smoothly and save you time

Find the weak spots and smooth out your systems

Our 4 Step Process:

Our process is designed to help you easily make a change without costing you too much time or money.


We start by assessing where your business is right now in terms of your processes and systems.

We’ll run a 90 minute workflow assessment workshop with your team to look at the flow of money and data through your business and find out where the bottlenecks are. We’ll discuss what isn’t working or could be better.


Once we’ve identified where you’re at, we’ll define where you want to be.

During the workflow assessment workshop, we’ll discuss future requirements for your systems, define the top things that will make the biggest difference to the business and identify areas where we can help you.


We’ll summarise our findings in a plan and give our recommendations for the next steps necessary to achieve your goals.

It’s time to put the plan in place.

We’ll help you agree your functional requirements for your ideal new system. We’ll arrange customised demos to help you evaluate a shortlist of solutions. Then we’ll help you with testing the software in line with your ideal workflow. This enables you to make an informed and fully evaluated final decision.


You’re on the path to a better way of working, and change is becoming a fundamental part of your culture.

We’ll agree and define an implementation plan and help you move to your new digital workflows. We’ll be there to support you along the way and help you with any unknowns.

Your Business Workflow

If you are struggling with one of the following issues, it’s time to review your business workflow:

  • Don’t know where to start – With all the tech out there, you don’t know what approach to take, and where to begin on your digital journey.
  • Gaps in systems – Areas of your business are slowing everything down. You want to improve the efficiency of manual, time consuming processes and be more defined and scalable for future growth.
  • Not sure which apps to use and don’t want to get it wrong – You want to find the best apps for your business or any business that you look after.
  • Resistance from the team – You or your team have a fear of changing from what you know to something new.

If you don’t have everyone using the same processes and systems, you’re on a path towards potential failure.

Find a better way of working. Your team and customers will thank you.

The transformation isn’t just about “going digital”, it’s about adopting a new way of working that benefits your business, your clients and your employees. No more tearing your hair out!

Sound good?

Clarity & confidence to communicate what could be possible to your team & clients.
Significantly improved efficiency with your internal workflows.
Accelerate change you’ve been trying to make for years, leading to attracting better clients and new staff.
Transformed client relationships by identifying new opportunities to help them.

How I’ve helped our clients with digital tech and security

“Having people like Jonathan helps us provide solutions that bonds us even closer to our clients. It’s not just about the numbers.”

  • Peter Timothy, Bloom Accounts