Recent Google workspace updates you should know about

With the age of working from home, Google workspace (formerly G Suite) has worked on bringing you a whole host of new features to make your experience even better. I’ve listed 3 of my favorite recent updates below:

You can now disable the use of backgrounds in Google Meet for your staff 

Had enough of your staff joining an important meeting with a pub scene as their background photo? (I miss the pub too, I get it) You can now disable that ability! It’s super easy, just see this article.

When sharing your screen, web notifications’ content will be hidden.

We all have had the issue of pops up when we’re screen sharing on an important meeting. There’s nothing you need to do, the content is hidden automatically for you!

You can now choose to share Google Drive files with specific groups within your organisation (think finance, sales, etc) 

You’re no longer stuck with just the sharing options of ‘individuals’ or ‘anyone with this link’ – ensuring better control and security on important documents. See this article for how to set this up.

Google are regularly releasing new updates so check back here to see more!