VIDEO: How to add a password to an already scheduled Zoom meeting (5 mins)

TL;DR add a password to your all your scheduled meetings to stop criminals ‘gatecrashing’ your call. This will also block the meeting topic field being made public to anyone who has/has guessed the meeting ID (and doesn’t have the password).

  • Sign into Zoom
  • go to ‘My Meetings’
  • click the meeting you want to add a password to
  • scroll to bottom of page and click ‘Edit Meeting’
  • go to ‘Meeting Password’ field and tick ‘Require meeting password’
  • Zoom will generate an updated link you can send to attendees so they don’t have to type the password in
  • or you can send the attendees the new password
  • the old link will still work but attendees will need the password if they don’t have the new amended link.


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