Welcome Bethanie

So I finally did it. I’ve turned Foxability into a team. I’ve taken someone on to help me. And it feels like the timing is perfect. That someone is Bethanie and she’s just finished her first week at Foxability as our new Business Transformation Consultant.

I’ve been ready for a while now to take someone on. Enquiries have been steadily increasing. I’m busier than ever before, as businesses want the best apps to automate their systems. The challenges of Covid and the benefits of cloud tools have meant that more and more people are realising there is a better way to work. For lots of people, the tech they use to get their job done just isn’t doing the job. People know there’s a better way but aren’t sure where to start. They know they want to change and thanks to the power of the internet and our connected communities, some of those people have found Foxability. And wow have I been busy!

I bet my career on the cloud

I started Foxability because I’m really excited about the future. I’m really excited about all the opportunities that the internet and the right software can help people to do amazing things. I bet my career on the cloud. I predicted that almost all work involving a computer would be easier if it could be cloud based. So people could work from anywhere on any device. It would be more secure and the opportunities to collaborate would be endless. Collaborate with people and get systems talking to each other so you can collaborate on data too. It’s how ideas spread and change happens. That’s what creates an exciting future! 

Connect with like-minded people

When a business gets in touch to see how Foxability can help them get their systems talking to each other, I’m all ears. My face lights up. Because I know I can help. But I always knew I couldn’t do this just on my own. That’s why I’ve been building the Foxability team – To help me achieve my vision of systems just talking to each other and people securely accessing data from anywhere. I had to choose which systems to learn first, which systems would be the best for collaboration and open connections. First came Google Apps (changed to G Suite and now Google Workspace) and then Xero. Both platforms are built with collaboration, accessibility and security at their hearts. Then I found strategic partners to outsource the parts of my business that weren’t my areas of expertise or strengths. Bookkeeping & accounts, marketing, legal, HR and others too. I joined some wonderful communities full of generous and just lovely human beings spread across the world. I count myself so lucky to have made some great friendships through my work.

I’ve developed relationships and partnerships with software companies that share my vision for the future of work. And actually the ‘now’ of work, because that future is here and it’s been here for a while. So many people are unaware how life could be easier right now by using the right tools to connect their systems and automate the boring stuff. Not just the boring stuff but all the stuff that could be automated, should be automated. Then we humans can focus on the work that can’t be automated or shouldn’t be automated. This is the people to people work. The relationship stuff. That’s the important work. 

The irony

I help people with change and I thought I was good with change. But I’ve been nervous about looking for someone to help me. I’ve been scared of the next chapter for my business. I was really nervous about hiring Foxability’s first person. It’s a huge move in the journey of a business. It’s risky and it’s unpredictable. Well that’s what it felt like. But it was also essential if I wanted to help more businesses harness the power of apps. And, I know I work better in a team, so a team I better create, especially if I want to enjoy my work more! 

So I made the decision. That’s normally always the hardest part, the next hardest part is choosing the next step. And if you make the next step small and achievable, it’s always easiest. I didn’t always know that though. That’s something I’ve learnt from people much smarter than me.

The Doorstep Mile

I run, I love running, it’s changed my life but that’s a whole other story! I find it hard sometimes to find the motivation to go for a run. Especially when it’s dark, or raining, or cold, or only me, or all of those as it is right now. But I’ve never had a bad run. I’ve never regretted going for a run. But when the motivation to go is tough to find, it’s often because it’s a change from the status quo, which in my case is a warm, dry, cosy home! Deciding to go for a run is the hard part, then leaving the front door is the next hardest. The Scandinavians call it the ‘Doorstep Mile’. Thanks to Alistair Humphreys for teaching me that. But once you’re out, the change has happened and then good things happen. I mention all of this because good things happened once I made the decision to hire.

Making the decision

The hardest part was making the decision to hire. Then putting the job advert together. Then making it public. The rest was then just good things happening. It was a whirlwind. Hundreds of applications. I was blown away by the response. People shared what I was doing and the type of person I was looking to help me. And many people wanted to help me do this work of change. Helping our small businesses. Wow!

Making the decision about who to hire wasn’t easy, I won’t lie. But I made a decision and straight away I knew it was the right decision. I offered Bethanie the role. I couldn’t have asked for more and I was over the moon when Bethanie accepted the offer to join Foxability. You can read a little bit more about Bethanie here, in her own words.

What happens next is really exciting

For now, it’s early days, it’s one week into Foxability’s new chapter. Foxability is now we, not just me. What happens next is really exciting. So I would like to say, welcome to the Foxability team Bethanie, I couldn’t be happier!